About me

Who am I and why am I writing this blog? I am primarily an artist who has worked as a freelance arts development consultant and also as a museum cataloguer. I hold a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and also an MA in Museum Studies and currently divide my time between creating art and working with a national heritage organisation and an art gallery.

Given my background it is probably not surprising that I love going to see exhibitions of all sorts, large and small, high profile or more localised. I am a firm believer that the Arts are for everybody and that they can offer positive benefits to the lives of most people, if given the chance. I believe that appreciating the Arts is not about being ‘high brow’, but giving people regardless of background the opportunity to find out about something that might spark off interest for further exploration or simply giving pleasure by being beautiful to look at. This blog is about my love of exhibition and heritage site visiting and I want to share what I have seen with others; but don’t expect everything to be full of gushing praise, I am not afraid to call out what I think is bad practice and that which simply doesn’t live up to expectations.

All the ideas and opinions expressed here are my own and I make no apology for them. No offence is intended and this is not a place for nastiness of any kind. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me, in a democratic world we are all entitled to express our personal opinions, I would just ask that if you don’t agree with something and feel you need to comment, please do so politely and absolutely no swearing or insulting behaviour.

My art website can be found at http://www.gilliancollinsartist.com and I can be found on both Facebook and Instagram under the same name. (I also have a quirky and random Instagram page just for fun at ‘justgillian’). Follow me!